Good Ideas.
Well Executed.

Kinetic Venture Advisory is an Australian law firm working with entrepreneurial companies to accelerate the development and commercialisation of innovative products and ideas


Kinetic is driven by the challenges faced by our clients.  We know that coming up with the idea is one thing - successfully executing it is something else entirely.  

So we decided to change the typical law firm model - to something that's better engineered to the needs of our clients.

What does that mean?    

  • Personalised: the lawyer you speak to is the lawyer that does the work.
  • Commercially Integrated: we like to think we're commercial advisors who happen to be legally qualified.  We bring this mindset to every matter on which we're engaged (actually, many clients just engage us for commercial advice).
  • Tailored: if you want a template document, this is not the place.  We believe every idea is different, and every client has a unique set of circumstances.  The law wasn't meant to come off a shelf.
  • Efficient: we will save time and money wherever possible - using standardised documents as starting points, eliminating double-handling, and keeping overheads low.
  • Networked: Kinetic works closely with like-minded specialists in areas beyond our expertise or capacity.  We can identify and manage the advisor that best suits your needs.

None of the above compromises on the quality of our service - and in fact it enhances it.  Our services are sought after across software technology, medtech, life sciences, e-commerce, envirotech, professional services and educational services, to name just a few.